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12v 30W Portable Soldering Iron XT60 Plug

Operating on 12VDC, this soldering iron can be powered by any standard 3S lipo battery.
It comes pre-fitted with an XT60 plug allowing you to easily connect to your Turnigy or Zippy lipo battery. 

This Soldering Iron does not feature a low voltage cut off circuit, so we recommend using a low voltage battery alarm to monitor the input battery to avoid over-discharging.

Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Power: 30W
Power Plug: XT60
Colour: Black
Heating element: Hako 003

Power source: 3S lipo battery - XT60 plug
                        car battery - adapter required for plug
                        mains 12v transformer - adapter required for plug
5 ( 5 / 5 )


Really pleased with this soldering iron, especially with the hakko element inside.

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