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UHU hart Balsa Cement

UHU hart Balsa Cement

Crystal-clear, fast drying adhesive for assembling small parts in model building, for handicraft work and for household tasks. Particularly suitable for balsa wood and other wooden materials. UHU hart is also suitable for stiffening and sealing the surface of materials. Dries hard.


Glues balsa wood, wood based materials, metal and many types of plastic. For model building. Not suitable for Styrofoam®, PE nor PP.

Use and Handling Instructions

Surfaces must be dry and free of dust and grease. Apply a thin layer to one side. Immediately place the parts together and hold in place. For hard, enclosed surfaces apply a thin layer to both sides, let the adhesive dry, then re-apply to one side, place the parts together and hold in place.

5 ( 5 / 5 )


Still the best glue on the market when it comes to balsa and wood. Thank you.

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  • Brand: UHU
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