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D1 Drone Mini Micro Tiny Quadcopter Headless

Please let us specify the dimensions first...

Small, very small, probably  the smallest consumer grade quadcopter yet to be developed.

It is a size 2.2cm or to consider in scale it is 5 times smaller than an adult hand, 4 times smaller than an Iphone or 10 times smaller than the average racing quadcopter.

Like it matters the Color scheme is Blue and White 

Because it is as heavy as a fat mosquito the material, ABS, will not be bothered by the majority of even "hard" crashes. 

It is controlled via a 4 Channel transmitter that will fit perfectly in a teenager or kids hand, but just wait to see it and you will manage to hold the transmitter whatever size hands you have. It is addictive.

Viewed from above it is a square of 2.2 centimeters between the center of the propellers and it stands at a puny 1.9 centimeters high.

It flies between 5 and 8 minutes depending on how you fly it. If a beginner that only does mild maneuvers it is very likely to fly for 8 minutes.

But if daddy (quad racer pro) starts to play with it the flying time will decrease to what he is used to at about 4 minutes.

The horror of waiting to fly again will last for about 30 minutes while unfortunately it will need to charge the battery.

The manufacturer says that the control distance is about 20 meters. I am afraid that line of sight is a bit tricky as it will look like a fly on a wall at 20 meters. But for indoor... more than perfect.

It operates on a Frequency of 2.4G 

It is stabilized by a 6 axis Gyro, which amazingly does a good job. 

Transmitter Battery Type: 2 x AAA Battery (not included) 

Transmitter Battery Voltage: DC 1.5V 

Manufacturer Description: 

With LED light for night flight  (more like decoration that makes it look awesome)

Do not use rechargeable battery (honestly do not know why as it worked for us but hey we did specify it)

It has headless mode, meaning that no mater where the quadcopter is pointing left will be left and right will be right and so on. 

Package Content: 

Mini Micro Tiny Quadcopter 

USB charging cable x 1 

Spare propellers x 4 

English User Manual x 1 (It is translated with google translate and kind of weird but ask any questions and we will be more than happy to help.) 

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