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Tricopter Tail Tilt Yaw Mechanism

Tricopters are avoided mainly because of the Yaw issues appearing from the tilt mechanism.

The era of adapted front wheel mounts not working and crashing has reached its demise.

This tilt mechanism is designed with efficiency in mind.

It is based on the idea that we should be able to install it on any tail boom size and with the appropriate tube clamps will go on any round carbon fiber or fiberglass frame.

This tricopter tail tilt comes with all the hardware needed:

  • 1 aluminium motor adapter with hole spacing 16 - 19 millimeters
  • 4 3mm thread screws to secure the motor
  • 4 bolts and nuts to install the motor adapter to the tail mechanism
  • 2 screws to fasten the tail motor mount to the tail boom
  • 1 metal core to form the hinge
  • 1 bolt to secure the metal core inside the tilt mechanism.
  • 3 black cable ties

The spline was designed for smaller metal gear servos for more precision but its great design and tough construction allow bigger, more powerful motors and servos to be installed.

As shown in the pictures by installing a servo horn with just 2 screws you will be able to use just about any size servo with the tail tilt.

The securing screw for the metal core allows to tighten or loosen the friction and rigidity of the tilt mechanism to suit your preference.

As a personal recommendation install the mount with cable ties as these will break in case of a bad crash and the tail boom along with the motor and the tilt mechanism will not sustain as much damage. Screws will tend to damage the frame arm.

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