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Evotite CA460 Foam Safe Super Glue Medium

Evotite CA460/20GFC is a high purity, high strength instant adhesive perfect for wood and safe on foam surfaces.

Bottles are packed in an air-tight package with extention tip and moisture absorbing silicon. This ensures long storage life and extended freshness.

Each pack is batch numbered for Quality Assurance.

Viscosity: 50cps (Medium)

Net weight: 20g

This is in the same class as all other Super Glues so please read the cautions area on the package.

Safety information and first aid for superglue accidents. (Link opens a new page)

Manufacturer Description:

EVOTITE special CYANOACRYLATE ADHESIVES is especially formulated for industry applications, and achieve superb adhesion effect to suit different working conditions, with wealth of knowledge.Especially to plastic, porous surface, low blooming application. 


Low odour and low blooming, no scratch to the surface after curing. It is also suitable for the working condition than ventilation is not sufficient.



Bonding surfaces should be clean

Apply suitable quantity of glue to the bonding surface

Press firmly together and the glue will be cured after 5-10 seconds.

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