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About Us

“What If You Put a Camera On It?”

It’s the question that started it all.

A friend of ours was playing with an old WLToys 911 RC chopper when those words sprung prophetically from her mouth.  Her name was Lexi and because of her we’re still upgrading all things that fly, float and drive 5 years later.

Making Awesome RC More Awesome.

We’ve been helping RC enthusiasts upgrade awesome RC for cash since the summer of 2010.  Taking our hobby and turning it into a business has been an exciting journey and we’re loving every minute: there’s always so much to learn and share!

But why did we decide to start selling RC accessories here in the UK?  Mainly because there weren’t many places selling the parts that we wanted ourselves.  If we couldn’t source what we needed at a decent price, we knew others would be struggling too.  

So we used our experience to source our own supplies and we now sell batteries, blades, motors, cameras and circuits all across the globe!

Now make yourself comfortable, have a cup of tea or coffee and take a look at all the RC goodies on our site.  We’ve got a YouTube channel packed full of handy “How To’s” if you need them and we’re always happy to answer any questions – so just browse, click and be merry!

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