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TBS Caipirinha Style Winglets Bunny Ears (1 Pair)

These TBS Caipirinha Style winglets come in at only 28 grams per pair while the originals are 26 grams per pair.

They are 4mm thick as opposed to only 3mm thickness of the originals.

Optionally we provide the winglets with 2 barbecue skewers each just in case you wish to make them stiffer.

TBS “Bunny-ear” winglets are countering yaw movement more aggressively than the symmetrical winglets, which allows you to fly precise but makes the shots "nervous".

The less the Caipirinha winglets tips can move and flex, the better the wing will fly and the feeling will be of a more "locked in" movement.

Attaching the winglets can be done using self adhesive velcro strips for easy removal and transportation, or hot-glue and silicone glue/contact glue around the bead for a permanent mount.

The front tip of the winglet should meet the front tip-end of the wings.

When using the velcro straps, apply a few drops of CA glue to the back of the adhesive pads for extra strength.

We recommend attaching the TBS winglets as a permanent solution since velcro is not providing sufficient stability thus losing the whole purpose of the wingtip.

The dimensions are the standard TBS Caipirinha bunny ear originals. In fact we are using the originals as the template for cutting.

The material is industrial grade corrugated plastic. For the moment white but it can be covered in any film color or wrap or duck tape at the cost of about 2 more grams.

The TBS Caipirinha Style winglets will be cut along to the corrugated reinforcement as this will provide the most stiffness for the wingtip.

Wingtip devices are intended to improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft.

There are several types of wing tip devices, and although they function in different manners, the intended effect is always to reduce the aircraft's drag by partial recovery of the tip vortex energy. Wingtip devices can also improve aircraft handling characteristics and enhance safety.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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