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RC Flight Simulator FMS Adapter Cable Controller Futaba JR walkera Helicopter PC


Flight simulators are a great way to get into the hobby.

You get to understand the flight basics.

Also it is a good time to decide if which flying platform you like the most.

Start improving your flying skills.

If you are already flying RC but you are not fully confident then this will help with improving your skills.

Mode Name: PC RC Simulator

Mode No.: FS-SM100 

Support FMS software 

Compatible with windows 98/98se, NT, XP 

Support USB hid 1.1 specification , USB 2.0

Input signal: PPM 

Various Connector: Futaba, JR, Esky, etc


Cable length: 1.5m 

Weight: 14g without cable and connector

Dimensions: 12x47x20mm 

Included software and many aeroplane models 

Packing Content:

1 x USB cable for Transmitter with 2.5mm Male connector 

1 x 2.5mm Female to esky connector 

2 x 2.5mm Female to Futaba connector 

1 x FMS software CD 

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