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Lumenier 5045 3 Blade Racing Propellers Set 2CW 2 CCW

FPV Drone Racing and Freestyle flying require high-quality propellers that ensure optimal thrust, efficiency and top-end speed to allow pilots to consistently perform at their best.

These props are made of virtually unbreakable glass reinforced polycarbonate. The same material used by industry leading company Master Airscrew Windsor.

Lumenier prop design starts from the ground up, considering flight speed, blade RPM and other factors to optimize each profile.

Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, each prop has a unique air foil and blade design, rather than using the same blade and duplicating them on double, triple or quad-bladed props.

This leads to subtle, yet important, performance improvements that can mean the difference between a win or a Did Not Finish on race day.

The glass reinforced plastic propellers became the new standard for racing props because you no longer need to worry if you clip a gate or hit the ground hard as the chances are if you land the right way up you will be good to go again.

Lumenier props will be the only props you ever need for serious FPV racing because they are the first props to offer high-performance thrust characteristics combined with super-tough glass reinforced polycarbonate.



Size: 5045 (5.0" x 4.5")

Color: Black

Hub: 5mm

Material: Glass reinforced polycarbonate

Weight: 3.9g



2 x CW rotation

2 x CCW rotation

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