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Electric Pusher Propeller Master Airscrew 8x4

First of all let us clarify the difference between a pusher propeller and a normal puller propeller.

The puller propellers are the most common. They are used in the majority of Remote Control Airplanes. These sit in front of the motor and in front of the aircraft pulling the airplane through the air in order to create lift.

The pusher propellers are used mostly with delta wings or flying wings and also they start to catch a lot of ground in all types of remote control airplanes including the ones with the propeller in the middle of the craft.

In the pictures above you can see a typical install of this kind of propeller on a NTM prop drive 28-26A 1200kv motor.

The propellers must always be mounted with the writing towards the forward movement of the airplane. 

The greatest advantage of a dedicated pusher propeller is that the hub is configured to use the shaft adapters towards the motor. This way when you tighten the locking nut this will push firmly against the whole surface of the hub and the adapter will be locked between the motor and the propeller. This way the shaft adapter has the whole surface against the motor shaft and not on the thread giving it more stability and precision.

There are 6 shaft adapters that will allow you to use the propeller with the most common RC electric motors available on the market.

Weight is approx. 10.6 grams

Hub thickness is 9.5mm (0.375in or 3/8")

Hole is 6.35mm (1/4") with a 9.5mm (3/8") pocket for adapter inserts, which are included. 

Inserts (adapters) allow hole to be adapted to a variety of outputs.

The manufacturer does not trim the excess flashing around any of these propellers so this remains to be done by the user.

You can do this with a X-acto knife, cutter, razor blade, sandpaper even a sharp knife will do the job. Mind health and safety when using sharp objects.

Usually these Master airscrew propellers are very well balanced from factory. Removing the same amount of flashing around the blades ensures the same balancing.

The flashing is useful when balancing the hub as you can leave the flash around the light side and remove the flash from the heavy side. This will help along the way. But as mentioned above these propellers come well balanced from the factory.

Balancing of the propellers is also left for the user so in case you feel that there is the need of balancing there are plenty of tutorials covering the subject.

Please note that the adapters come in different colors (usually brown, dark green, grey, khaki, black). This does not affect the performance. The material is the same with all of the adapters.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to the listing. We are here to help.

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