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2.4Ghz Speed Racing Buggy Dune Shifter RW Drive RTR

The 2.4Ghz Remote Control Racing Buggy is ready for you to conquer the outdoors.

It works on AA batteries and it comes with all that you need to take out of the box and start racing.

The rear wheel drive will allow for great spins and fast speed despite the car's small appearance.

Don't be fooled by its nice looks because with a full suspension chassis and independent suspension on the front axle this RC buggy will chew on its opponents.

The all terrain pneumatic tires will provide enough grip on gravel and sandy surfaces and will grip tightly on tarmac.

It will get stuck in high grass and the best racing experience will be on tarmac.

The pistol remote control with 2.4Ghz transmitter will allow for up to 160 feet of control range to make sure you get the other racers in thick dust.

The 2.4Ghz system allows for multiple drivers with the same cars to race in the same environment.

Full movement left, right, front and backwards at impressive speeds for its size and price range.

All bodywork is encased in screwed plastic tops making sure dust and debris do not affect any of the electronics.

The powerful rear mounted brushed motor is fitted with its own heat sink that also acts as a shield.

The motor and all gears are also encased in plastic protectors making sure the car runs smoothly and at its best all the time.

The power system is what makes this racing buggy special. The speed buggy will perform at its best with 1.5v AA non rechargeable batteries and will also work very well with rechargeable batteries.

  • Powerful RC Racing Buggy with rear wheel drive
  • Range up to 160 feet / 50 meters
  • Full Suspension chassis and independent suspension on front axle
  • All terrain pneumatic tires
  • Pistol remote with 2.4Ghz transmitter
  • Allows operation of several vehicles in parallel
  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 centimeters
  • 6 x AA 1.5v batteries included.
Package includes:

1 x RC Speed Racing Buggy

1 x Pistol Remote Control

1 x Users manual and 3 years manufacturer warranty.

6 x AA batteries 1.5v

4 ( 4 / 5 )


Making a small hole and raising the antenna vertical definitely improves the signal. Could be done easily by the manufacturer. Still a great little car that my nephew enjoys a lot.
5 ( 5 / 5 )


Great little car. Drives well and no deed to worry about batteries. Thank you.

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